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I have been grateful to received several international awards for Sculpture, Collage and Ceramics and my work has been featured in catalogues, magazines and brochures. Many of my paintings, masks and collage works are in private collections throughout the Caribbean, in Canada, the United States of America and the United Kingdom. Recently, I have been working on a collection of ceramic masks featuring both Arawak and Adinkra designs to represent and honour the diverse cultural heritage of our Caribbean Islands. Samples of the masks are exhibited at Ana's Restaurant and Art Gallery, Dickenson Bay, Antigua. For further info on any of the pieces featured, and/or to discuss commissions, please call +1(268)7275455

Collage (click on thumbnail to see larger image)

The Race Windy Afternoon Sunny Afteroon Going Home Buckleys Memories of You

Painting (click on thumbnail to see larger image)

Banana LeavesBrotherCatchFrangipaniLifebloodMoonlight PalmsJumby GardenBlack SquallWavessenceCarnival KidGhost RaceBurnham BeechesSpiderliliesHalf Moon MarrianneCoconut Grove nightfallbuccaneergroin

Sculpture (click on thumbnail to see larger image)

DreamsBoyManToo Many CarrotsCrank ManEndgameMadona dei FioriGirlKnightCouple Garissa Hope

Ceramics (click on thumbnail to see larger image)

Bird BoxCloudsLotus InlayUnderwaterFrangi BowlSculpted BowlHibiscus BoxKeyed BoxSeaweed BowlKoeslter VaseRutilesWave Bowl

Photography (click on thumbnail to see larger image)

BirdfoodBlueSkyOpenDurley SunsetGroyneConversationOld HarryLowry BeachWaveprintWindbreakThamesideMarina Bay

Photoart (click on thumbnail to see larger image)

AcornsDecayAfternoon FlowTo DreamBlue BananasBelovedDamp LeavesFaded GloryLast Flight

Masks (click on thumbnail to see larger image)

seagirlterrapaintwhitelilacpaintcopperheadterrabraidspaintpunkwhiteadinkramanwhiteearboyscarifiedopeneyes Seaprincess

whiteshell blackcoralGreen Punkscarified couplejaunty hatlizard lipsana's girlgargoylegreenadinkrabluewhitescarifiedturtlegirlterrafeatherface

Out of the ForestCoral veiled Yellow faceMy Girl


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